New System. New Code. New Login.

We have upgraded our system to something new. We are now ready to fight the Big Boys in networking industry. Our system use Facebook, Google (preferred) and Email login. The House of Herbs require each member their Full Contact information in order to use this facility.

Our New System is now Ready to Use!


Store Account Activation


Member Account Activation


New Accounts Registration

Where are Currently Doing.

How to Login to your New Account?

Step 1

Verify Email & Phone Record

Existing members needed to send an email message to in order to register their emails and updated phone numbers. Members who have entered their email and mobile information to the old system need not do this step.

Special Note: Please be aware that the system base the position on the time and date when an account has been registered in the old system.

For questions and clarifications please contact Customer Care.

Step 2

Watch the training Videos

Training video links will be provided to the member in order to learn how to use the new system. These links will be sent via SMS and can be viewed using the internet. 

Step 3

Wait for the Login details

As soon as the new system account of the member has been verified. The system will send to the member the login information via email and SMS to gain access to the new account.