Frequently Asked Questions

The House of Herbs would like to gladly answer all of your questions, however here are some of the frequently answered question that members are asking that may already be the answers you are looking for so please kindly have a look on the information below.

When would we move from 5 ways to 8 ways to earn?

We expect that all developments are completed by November 8, 2018 and this will mark the beginning of the implementation of the new marketing plan, providing 8 ways for the members to earn income.

What are the cut-offs on the Binary Payouts?

For check releases the cut-off schedules would be the same, however in the new system, a new procedure will be in place due to the following reasons:

  • From the initial development planning, the new system will require members to either get a TrueMoney or Paymaya account depending on which company could provide the best value and service, this will be announced during the official launching of the new system
  • An anytime payout disbursement method will be implemented, this means you could disburse funds anytime and any day as long as you have fully completed your personal verification requirements which will be discussed later
  • Disbursements will be automatic for amounts less than or equal to P 10,000 but higher amounts would require less than 3 days validation. Confirmation will be provided via SMS
  • A disbursement process will be provided
Information on the House of Herbs eWallet

eWallets will not be available to members but only to Mega Centers and Mobile Stores.

Will the Infinity Bonus result in overpay?

No, since before each Infinity income is generated, several incomes for the company has already been accepted earlier. This has been well computed already and only a small percentage of the company’s commission bucket will be deducted for the Infinity Commission. The IT and Financial groups has already tested more than 70,000 simulation data so you are assured that this is safe.

Do we implement website replication?

No, what we would be using is a more advanced online marketing method called Affiliate Marketing, here each member would have the opportunity to both be a network marketer an online marketer the same time.

Are we compliant with the Philippines Anti-pyramiding Act?

At this point we can safely state that the House of Herbs is purely an MLM and not a pyramiding company since we abide by the guidelines of that law and follows them, we don’t implement prohibitive fees, don’t provide undisclosed drawback policies and others, however, at this point we still need to analyze, refine and test each of the business plan process before we submit this to DTI for approval and fully implement them, this should be in place before our official launching of the new system. We will be announcing an official statement as soon as our DTI approval has officially been released.

Would the House of Herbs have a Personal Customer Program?

The House of Herbs will not implement a Preferred Customer Program but something even better, it will implement an affiliate program that you could use for your online marketing activities.

Will there ever be a minimal membership fee that covers the cost of identification card separate from the product package sold as entry?

As for the moment, the House of Herbs still have not officially implemented a identification card system.