Member Account Upgrade Process

How to Upgrade Existing Members Account

“The House of Herbs Trader Corp. is now UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. In order to allow transition from its old system, processes and procedures, it has been decided by the House of Herbs Board of Directors to temporarily hold all income redemption (please see Memo Reference No.: 20181005-004, titled “Temporary Income Redemption Restriction”). This will enable us to properly record and reconcile all financial records and prevent prevailing problems.


Please rest assure that the House of Herbs will provide you these incomes in some form or another and prove that the House of Herbs is a company that you can trust even on its currently difficult transition period from being a sole proprietor company into a corporation.


One of the ways we could provide you this income is for you to upgrade your existing account to higher package. Since the new system only allows one single account to every member, this privilege will help you get more income in the future.”


“We wish to announce that House of Herbs through the new Management will start paying in cash the validated commissions (payout) by November 19, 2018. 

Those who desire for offsetting of payout with products or upgrading may now do so.” Please kindly watch the videos and follow the steps below.

Why are we moving from Multiple Accounts to a Single Account?

Please kindly watch the video on the left, this came from the General Assembly meeting held last October 17, 2018. Mega Centers, Mobile Stores, and others participated in this event and answered most of the questions given.

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Gather Old System Information

The new system allows one (1) single account for each member. Only the member information and network tree of the main account will be retained. Members must gather and maintain a record of all other relevant information such as additional accounts, points and payable incomes on their existing account since these can be used to upgrade their single account to a higher package.

Members with multiple accounts has an option to consolidate additional accounts to fund and upgrade their single account. Since points will not be included in the new system, the old points can also be used to add to their upgrade fund.

Important: Please take note that all transactions in the old system from October 13, 2018 cut-off date and onward will be discarded, please contact the House of Herbs Customer Care personnel if you have registered individuals after the said date.

How to submit account information for review?

It is so important for members with multiple accounts to submit information to the House of Herbs office for review. We wanted to make sure that what you see in your account is the same to what we are converting.

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Submit Information to the Customer Care Agent

The House of Herbs Customer Care agent has all the information in your old system account, this includes:

  • Your Main Account
  • Your Additional Accounts
  • Your Pending Points (unpaired remaining points)
  • Unclaimed Income

They will be able to provide you an estimate of the higher package that you wish to get since a higher package would mean more income for you. Here you will be able to maximize your income potential. Please take note that we need to send the products with coupon codes so we need to deliver this directly to your home.

To speed up the process, simple do the following:

  1. Gather all of the information in Step 1
  2. Fill out and agreement form. Download it here.
  3. Send information to,biz


Pay the Remaining Balance and Delivery Fees

The Customer Care Agent will provide you with the exact amount you needed to pay, this includes the remaining amount plus the delivery fee, simple go to any Unionbank and pay with the following details:

Unionbank Imus Branch
House of Herbs Trading
Account Number: 002680004705

Once you completed payment, just scan the machine validated receipt and email it back to, please don’t discard this until you have received the products in your home since it will be your proof of purchase in case the payment needed verification and simply wait for the products with coupon to arrive at your home.

Once the system goes live on Nov.8, 2018, you will receive an official SMS indicating your login information and you will see that your account has already been upgraded.

Special Account Funding Information

The House of Herbs would like to assist members in funding the new higher package that they wanted get since this will really increase their income and improve their lives.

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