a Call for Unity & Support

“We would like to encourage everyone to help us fight the challenges and move forward…”

What is Happening in the House of Herbs?

The House of Herbs is undergoing a transition that we know, will create a bright future in all who believes in it...


Last December 2017, with only 2 people who saw a bright future for ordinary people that can have extraordinary lives in the House of Herbs, now has grown in only a few months time with almost 4 thousand individuals who believed that it can be done. But, changes has to be made and with challenges has to be conquered, and yet they are determined to continue what has been started.

  • We will abide with the laws of the land. We will adhere, we will conform and we will be compliant
  • We will protect the members and their future
  • We will correct each wrong, will do and stand for what is right
  • We will be honorable and worthy of trust
  • We will prepare for the bigger fight
  • And, We will be successful

The House of Herbs General Assembly

REPLAY – Last October 17, 2018 6:00pm

The House of Herbs will be met with BODs, Leaders, FCs, MCs and Mobile Stores via webinar regarding the preparation Memos that has been provided in preparation from the implementation of the House of Herbs new system.

We also have gathered questions, discussed and addressed them during this session and our President Efren Mari spake, after our General Manager Ed Yaona, Attorney Rayna and Fernan Bongalon BOD.

→ Click here to watch the rebroadcast

Our Mission

With House of Herbs’ Success formula, we are committed to spread in all the parts of Philippine archipelago, not only products that will promote healthy lifestyle but furthermore, the opportunity to enrich lives of our partners thru a proven business plan. The management affirms friendly approach, excellent service and full support to all our customers, dealers and distributors.

The House of Herbs Vision

House of Herbs envisions of becoming one amongst the High-bred Direct Selling companies here and overseas. Being a Filipino owned company that manufactures products from our homegrown resources, the company is set to penetrate not only local but global market as well. We aim to become Iconic in the world of Direct Selling.